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100% Original Content To Your Social Media Accounts
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Original Content With Just A KEYWORD | Instantly Auto-Schedule 365 Days Of Content

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Effortlessly Create & Publish  100% Original Contents For Any  Social Platform or Blog…

…and get paid monthly or yearly for it!

Create, Schedule & Publish
ALL Your Contents in 3 Easy Steps…

In Just 3 Easy Steps…


Choose Content Type

Choose between creating a Social Media or Blog Post Content.

Whether you’re curating a captivating Instagram Post or thought-provoking blog article, ContentGenie empowers you to tailor your content creation experience to suit your objectives.


Customize & Preview

Use the Built-in Editor to Customize your Content, add  Graphics, Videos and other engaging visuals, while previewing to ensure it fits perfectly.

After Customizing, Select the Social Media or Blog Profile(s) you want to Publish to.


Publish or Schedule

Publish your Content instantly to your preferred social media platforms or WordPress blog accounts.

You can also schedule the posts for later, ensuring your content reaches your audience precisely when it matters most.

Marketers, Agencies, Freelancers,
Social Media Marketers & Start-Ups
Love Content Genie…

One thing I love about this Software is how easy it was for me to connect my social media and blog accounts in just minutes. The user interface is super easy to navigate and I have been getting better results from the content it has been generating for me and my clients. I will recommend this Software to any business owner who wants to get the most out of their content.
The possibilities with Contentgenie are simply endless. In just 3 days of using this amazing software, I’ve closed over $1,200 in deals from clients using the inbuilt AI Job finder tool.
With 2 Months of using ContentGenie, we’ve saved over $2,000 that we usually paid on to create Content. Just imagine how much money we are going to save after using this mind-blowing software in the next six months. ContentGenie is truly a life changer.
I usually post to Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest up to 4 times a week. ContentGenie definitely made everything easy, and I’m really impressed with the easy flow and customer Support.

Our Early Users are Super Excited about the Powers ContentGenie Gives them…

Generate 100% Original Content
for Social Media and Blogs

Or worse…

It’s 2024!

The Year of UNLIMITED Contents and Social Media Engagement

But Yes, It Has CHANGED…
Thanks To Social Media Platforms

More contents are flying around now than ever before in history! 

We’re talking a crazy amount of sharing, creating, and watching. 

It’s like a digital explosion, making our world a seriously connected place.

The Focus Has Shifted…

From Boring SEO

To Attracting
& Engaging People

Before, marketers focused their efforts on SEO and the benefits it brought them.

BUT Today, content is focused on attracting & engaging people instead of focusing on SEO.

It’s crucial to focus on the individuals who will engage and use content…

… because consumers now make decisions before interacting with a company.

One thing is clear! You NEED Interesting & Engaging Contents…

And You NEED Lots Of It

Here Are Some Facts

The Average Internet User Spends 2 Hours And 30 Minutes Daily On Social Media In 2022.

(Source: EarthWeb)

58 minutes on Facebook

(Source: EarthWeb)

Out Of This… People Spend Around

28 minutes on Instagram

(Source: Data Reportal)

14.2 minutes on Pinterest


That’s Nearly 2/3rd Of The Total Time…
On Just These 3 Platforms

And the rest of the time is divided among LinkedIn, YouTube,
WhatsApp, Snapchat & browsing Websites…

So, it’s clear that if you want to Run & Grow your business…
you need to capture these social media platforms

But Here’s The #1 Mistake
Business Owners Make With Their Content…

These days, people don’t have the time or attention span to read boring content.

If your content (social posts & blogs) is not intriguing, people will stop reading it and you can then kiss goodbye any hope of front-page real estate on Google.

Also if they feel like too many of your articles & posts are wasting their time, they’ll stop clicking on your content altogether.

To This Problem Then?

You NEED Lots Of Interesting, Engaging
& Original Content Nearly Every Single Day

This Leaves You With 2 Options…

Hire A Content

Do It Yourself

But What If YOU Could Create Quality Contents In Just 60 Seconds and Publish to all Social Media & Blogs?


World’s FASTEST Original

The World’s Fastest Content Creation &
Social Media Management Software

Create & Publish Contents Across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube,
LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, & WordPress
From A Single Dashboard…

Content Creation & Social Media Management Software

For Your Website & Social Media

Take A Look At
Some Of The Industry-Leading Features
Packed Inside ContentGenie 2.0…

Content Creation Features

Social Media Caption Assistant 

Craft compelling captions effortlessly for your social media profiles using simple keywords or phrases, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our tool ensures engagement with relevant emojis and impeccable grammar, making your posts stand out without the hassle. 

Long Form Blog Content Assistant

Generate traffic-pulling, long-form content tailored for Medium and WordPress blogs.

Our AI Assistant delivers complete articles with relevant paragraphs and well-organized sections, saving you time while maintaining quality.

AI Prompt Templates

Discover the most trending articles using keywords or entering the Article URL…

… and repurpose the Content for your  Social Media or a Blog post.

Ebook Converter

Keep your Social Media pages active by posting trending quotes.

Easily find trending quotes using a keyword… & post them on Social Media. 

Speech to Text AI

This Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to Auto Transcribe LIVE Speech to Content, for your Social Media and Blog Posts.

Content Editing Features

Blog Post Editor

Customize your content for Blog and Medium posting using our custom Blog Post Editor.

Add Images, videos, text & background color, featured images, etc.

Social Media Post Editor

Customize your content for Social Media Posts using our custom Social Media post Editor.

Add emojis, adjust text, and a lot more.

Cross-Platform Customization

Every social network is different, so your posts should be formatted differently.

Why? Instagram caption has a max of about 450 words, while LinkedIn supports longer content for example.

ContentGenie allows you to customize the Content specifically for each Social Media Platform, in the same post.

Real-Time Post Preview

Our Preview Posts feature allows you to spot and correct any error before Publishing or Scheduling.

Check image sizes to confirm they fit perfectly, View how your content will look on both mobile and desktop, and Double-check the correct placement of hashtags.

Content Publishing Features

Social Media Publisher

Effortlessly publish content across all your social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest, streamlining your content distribution process.

Blog/Medium Publisher

Publish your content directly to WordPress blogs and Medium, ensuring your articles reach your audience on these popular platforms effortlessly.

Content Planner

Plan and schedule posting for all Social Media and Blog content for the next 3 years.

View the planner calendar by day, month, and year to organize your content goals with more efficiency.

Content Ranking Features

Hashtag Generator

Enhance your social media posts with trending hashtags using our generator. Optimize your content for greater visibility and engagement across various platforms.

Google Ranker

Content Genie generates content that is already optimized as per the latest search engine algorithms’ requirements… so your posts & blogs get seen by millions across the world.

FREE Commercial Licence Included ONLY Today

ContentGenie 2.0 Is PERFECT For…

Marketers &
Business Owners

Sell your product remotely by creating your social media customer base.

Post effortless creative content & grow with the insights.

Agencies & Enterprise-Level Businesses

Sell your products on social media, and post updates of discounts and product details with great ease!

Always stay at the top of your customer’s minds by appearing in their newsfeed all the time.

Social Media

Create effective content by customizing hot-selling content.

Save on your manual work by using our schedule & publish feature across platforms with one simple click.

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Right inside ContentGenie 2.0, you can find the most recent & best paying Content Creation and Social Media Management jobs/clientsin just 1-click.

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We Are 100% Sure That You’ll Be
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But still to make you 100% comfortable giving Content Genie a try… we are including a 14-day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Yes – if Content Genie does not help you make your business more profitable or you don’t like it for whatever reason… we will refund your money.

I know it won’t come to that because you’re going to absolutely love Content Genie… but still to ensure that you are totally risk-free we have added this guarantee.

Every Business Today NEEDS
High-Quality Content…

Every business knows that to create a buzz & build authority online… they need quality content almost daily.

They know that if their business is established as a credible place to get information, they’d automatically be ranked higher in search engines.

Plus, their customers are more inclined to trust them if they view them as industry experts.

And only good content can help them achieve all this.

This is why even the smallest of businesses are happy to pay for regular high-content delivered to them.

Now imagine you (with access to Content Genie) create content for them day-in-day-out effortlessly.

The Sky Is The Limit As To
How Much Profit You Can Generate Every Month

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A.I Video Script Writer (worth $497) 

As a marketer, creating a video is not enough.
You need to be able to craft powerful copy/script that will appeal to the psychology of your audience & get them to take fast action.
But the problem is, learning this skill is HARD & it TAKES TIME.

Not just that, It’s almost impossible to hire a professional copywriter to do it for you except you have thousands of dollars to spend on every project.

The Good News is, as part of my bonus, I’m handing you free access to a robust A. I software that is designed to write high-converting scripts for your videos, in minutes.
With this tool, you can easily create a video script, add it to your Spokesperson video to turn it into a powerful VSL & skyrocket your SALES & PROFIT overnight.

… You don’t need to have any copywriting skills or experience.
Access to this tool is worth $497, but you can get it for FREE when you purchase ContentGenie during this Launch period.


Workflow Simplify

Streamline your business operations and boost productivity with This cutting-edge Workflow Tool Software.

Managing complex workflows can be a daunting task, but Workflow Simplify Tool simplifies the process like never before. Say goodbye to manual coordination, bottlenecks, and wasted time. Workflow Simplify automates and optimizes your workflows, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

With Workflow Simplify, you can design, visualize, and manage your workflows with ease. Drag and drop elements, set dependencies, and define rules to create customized workflows tailored to your specific needs. From simple task assignments to multi-step processes, This software adapts to your unique requirements.

Stay in control of your workflows with real-time updates and notifications. Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and take immediate action to keep your projects on track. Its intuitive dashboard provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your workflows, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

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Frequently Asked

Q. Do I need to install ContentGenie 2.0? 

No. ContentGenie is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from any web browser.

Q. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you don’t get along with ContentGenie 2.0 for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase, just contact us for a full refund. However, in the unlikely event that you have any problems, we encourage you to contact us first and give us a chance to help you resolve any issues.

Q. What is a Profile?

A Profile is an actual Facebook page or group, LinkedIn Page or Profile, Instagram Account, WordPress Blog Account etc. profile,

Currently, ContentGenie 2.0 supports: Facebook pages and groups, Instagram business profiles, LinkedIn profiles, LinkedIn company pages, Reddit accounts, YouTube channels, Medium Account and WordPress Blog Accounts.

Q. How does the Support work?

You can always get help right from your dashboard by using Chat button at the Bottom Right Corner.

Our fanatical support team will make every effort possible to help you.

You can also reach the Support Team via Email (

Q. Is ContentGenie 2.0 compatible with PC and MAC?

Yes. We’ve tested it on both systems and it works great. In fact, ContentGenie works in virtually any web browser, making it compatible with almost any machine. 

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

NONE! The price quoted on this page is all you have to pay. No bait and switch here.